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Q. What is a Pay Per Keyword Advertising?
A. Pay Per Keyword is a marketing technique whereby you pay a flat fee for a search term which users of our search engine will be directed to every time they utilize your acquired search term.

Q. Why Pay Per Keyword Advertising?
A. There is NO learning curve like other Pay Per Advertising Methods. You will never need to buy eBooks to find out how this works.

It is simple:
1) Register
2) Check keyword availability
3) Acquire the terms
4) Get Targeted Visitors.

NO Bidding Wars
NO click Fraud
Search Simplified!

Q. How Much Does Pay Per Keyword Costs?
A. See Our Price Structure. Billing is automatic through Paypal subscriptions.

Q. For How long do I own the Search Term?
A. You are the sole owner of your search terms for as long as you remain active unless automatic renewal is cancelled, and you will be billed every 3 months. Register now and get your search terms before your competition does.

Q. How much do I pay per click or impression?
A. Sure. Each search term is associated with any URL you wish.

Q. Can I promote multiple URLs?
A. Register your account, purchase your desired search terms and your site will be available real time.

Q. How long does it take until end users of the search engine get directed to my website?
A. Your Account is valid in real-time after purchasing your key phrases.

Q. How can I pay?
A. At this particular time, we ONLY accept payment through PAYPAL

Q. How do you make sure that your advertisers are "RELEVANT" to the search terms purchased?
A. When our users search using our engine, we direct them to our advertiser site with a framed questionnaire on the top to ask how relevant this site is. We also manually audit our Advertisers on a quarterly basis to make sure that they are acquiring the correct search terms.

Q. Is there a learning curve to Pay Per Keyword that is similar to Pay Per Click?
A. Titles, Descriptions, Landing Pages & daily if not hourly bid checking is not needed using Pay Per Keyword.

Q. How do I find the best keywords?
A. We use a combination of the following free and paid services. Overture Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Tool