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We are Joint Venture Marketing and after serving 100's of customers in their online marketing initiatives we were dumbfounded to see that there really is not much of an alternative to your standard PPC advertising methods or "Adwords alternative".

For our customers, trying to learn the essence of Keyword Research, Optimized Keyword Bidding and the function of landing pages was near impossible. So what was the small website owner who is trying to market his/her business to do?

Our mission was set in creating a simplified alternative to the pay per click advertising system.

Have you spent countless time & effort trying to get to the top of the search engines just to be stuck on page 48?

Pay Per Click bidding getting you down?

Did you know that many Advertisers protest to having Up to 50% of their PPC expenditure as fraudulent?

We simplified search for both the advertiser and the searcher by implementing a simple pay per keyword alternative. Our visitors who use our network find the One Click search mechanism easy to use without all the clutter of sponsored ads and irrelevant information.

Advertisers on our network are the sole owners of their chosen keywords. That means that as long as you remain an advertiser every searcher who searches your acquired terms goes directly to your website.

NO PPC bidding wars
NO click fraud
NO Learning curve
NO search engine placement services.
You are always #1.

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Check the availability of your keywords and Acquire them before your Competitors Do.