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The Pay Per Keyword concept is the next generation of Internet marketing methods. Unlike PPC advertising where the Advertiser can be outbid or Organic SEO methods where your site can easily be outranked. PPK advertisers are the sole owner of their keyword phrase and cannot be outbid or out ranked by any of their competitors. As long as the advertiser remains in good standing, no one else can acquire those specific keywords and when the end user searches our network they end up directly on your website.

Our "paid beta" has been well received by 100's of advertisers supported by hundreds of thousands of searches per month through our affiliate and media network partners. In the US alone, there are 3,500 searches per second. By growing and utilizing our network partners we should be able to support our advertisers with millions of searches per month.

NO PPC bidding wars
NO click fraud
NO Learning curve
NO search engine placement services.

No More Top 10 Rankings, with the Pay-Per-Keyword
Advertising Method, you are always #1.

Pricing for Search Terms:

# of words in search phrase Search Terms Example Price (Quarterly)
1 Search $15
2 Search Engine $10
3 Search Engine Optimization $5
3+ Search Engine Optimization Service $5


See out FAQ pages for more details